Modern Grafton Ranch

Modern Grafton Ranch



About Us

Welcome to your next vacation stay in Grafton. Awaiting you is a stylish and roomy 3 bedroom ranch home, recently updated. Enjoy cooking in our carpenter-crafted kitchen, relaxing on our chaise lounger, and taking in the local culture.

Our home is ideal for a girl's weekend, with charming Cedarburg just 5 minutes away. The space is optimal for family gatherings; with fully stocked kitchen, ample seating, free laundry and cozy bedrooms.

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  • 3 Cozy Bedrooms (2 queen, 1 full/twin)
  • Nicely appointed living and dining rooms
  • Fully equipped carpentered kitchen
  • Super fast, fiber optic internet
  • Ample parking and outdoor space


Fully equipped, carpenter made kitchen.
Living room with foldable futon, comfy lounger, and hidden entertainment center.
Dining area with seating for 6
Technic area with monitor, height adjustable desk, and FAST wifi.
Main bathroom
Newly redone bathtub and tiles
Queen bedroom 1
Queen bedroom 2
Half bathroom
Laundry available downstairs