Greek Street Eats- Kalpak Foods, INC DBA

Greek Street Eats- Kalpak Foods, INC DBA


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About Us

Our owner/operator Kiriakos (Kiri for short), was born and raised in the Boston area. He attended culinary school in Greece and Boston before moving to the Milwaukee area. He had struggled to find authentic Greek street food in Milwaukee, so he decided to start his own food truck to provide authentic Greek street food to the area.

Authentic Greek gyros are made from pork, hand-stacked and prepared with french fries inside the sandwich. Just as you won't find beef/lamb gyros in Greece, you won't find them on our truck. What makes us unique is our homemade gluten-free pita bread. All other foods on the menu are also gluten-free, made from scratch and seasoned to perfection. Whether you eat gluten-free or not, you won't be disappointed.