St. Paul Lutheran Church and School

St. Paul Lutheran Church and School



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St. Paul Lutheran Church and School has a long and rich history in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and the Village of Grafton. Established in 1851, the first constitution of the church which was signed by nine men on July 28 of that year. One of these men, Mr. Karl Ziege, is credited for contacting his former pastor from the historical Trinity Lutheran Church in downtown Milwaukee to travel to Grafton to conduct services. In 1853, the congregation officially joined the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

The current church building was dedicated in December of 1967. When constructing the church building located on the corner of Washington St. and 6th Ave, many of the artifacts from the old church were incorporated into the plan of the new church building including the figure of Christ and the Last Supper, the east and west stained glass windows, the baptismal font and the pipe organ. Ringing at the start of each service, the tower bells were purchased in 1892.

From the beginning, the St. Paul congregation operated and supported a Christian Day School. During the first several decades, the pastors served also as teachers in the one-room school setting. Current enrollment in the Christian Day School is in the high-300’s taught by 26 teachers under the leadership of Principal Michael Yurk.

Currently serving the congregation are Pastor Luke Anderson, Pastor Jacob Schultz, Pastor Timothy Maschke and Pastor Larry Prahl.


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